Greetings all!

The organizers of Powell River’s Hot Summer Night Market are excited to announce that the market is moving!

This year, the market is moving from Willingdon Beach to the Blue Cat Square on Marine (next to the Creative Rift) and will be Thursdays from 6pm until sundown from Jun 30 – Sep 1.

Blue Cat Square is just as sunny & a little more sheltered than Willingdon.  It is also home to the *NEW* Summer Outdoor Market run by Creative Rift Studios.  The Summer Outdoor Market will run Tuesdays and Thursdays 11am-5pm from May 17 – Sep 15.

Vendors interested in selling at either market should contact Mischa or Jill at Creative Rift Studios:

Come on out and enjoy the 4th year of the Hot Summer Night Market!

Amber & Karen 🙂


the last market came and went.

it was a stormy night and we were all pretty happy to go home at the end of the night. we shut down the market a little early because of the storm.  the best news of the night, besides the coordinators were buying dinner (sushi & pizza) was that people came shopping and vendors stuck out the rain. not all vendors stuck out the rain, but almost everyone. our trusty tarot reader did reading from her car and mischa’s soap lady tent housed mara’s aromatherapy and jill’s funky pottery.  my tent was home of me, charlene’s cards and the food for everyone.

please come to the last night market of Summer 2010

August 26, 2010  5:30-8:30pm

we will all cry at 8:30pm, maybe.  well more markets will come but it is a little sad to come to an end for this summer season. it has been great. another succesful summer. more vendors than last year, more shoppers than last year and more fun than last year.  makes next year pretty exciting.

thanks to everyone who supported the market this season.

come out tomorrow for the big bash!!

attention attention:

if you haven’t yet been part of the HOT SUMMER NIGHT MARKET at willingdon beach. come on over and check us out. we are growing large.  lots of new vendors every week! excitement.

last week we had dogs jumpin on the table for the dog bones that were being sold there.

an aromatherapy woman is there with sprays and oils. some reiki is now available at the market, along with card readings and an  EFT worker.

hope to see you at the market before we shut down till the holidays…

the summer is just flying bye.

if you haven’t made it out to the HOT SUMMER NIGHT MARKET yet this summer, come on out.

maybe you are even a vendor who has wanted to come all summer.  there is still room for you, just show up between 4-5:15 with your inventory and aa table or blanket and we will find some space for you.

tell your friends to come to the night market too!

despite the fact that we could barely see the sun due to the forest fire smoke, the night market was out in full force.  we had hundreds of people wandering out into the hot evening to enjoy willingdon beach.  what’s that? you couldn’t make it?!  too bad! 😦  here’s what you missed:

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well seafair happened and it’s over.

THE HOT SUMMER NIGHT MARKET returns to its usual spot this thursday July 29th, 2010.  I would say it was a fun week last week. sales were up and down and most of our shoppers and browsers were people who were going on rides.

fun new vendors last week! a tarot card reader and a guy selling far out stickers. hopefully they will come back and join us at the market every week.

we’re planning some fun FREE SWAPS in august so stay tuned…