yeah the first night was great. we had great weather, there were tons of happy people and the band rocked!  i heard lots of  “did you know about this night market?” as people passed by on their way to and from the other CANADA DAY event at Willingdon Beach.  i kept throwing out “we’re here every thursday 5:30-8:30 new vendors every week so make sure you come back”  kids hula hooped it up and some adults too.  this week we’re looking forward to some new vendors. one is some recycling composting garbage collecting peeps who wanna share the love and sell recycled bags.  one is a masseuse!!  and one is PERIWINKLE GRAINERY selling fresh pasta and fresh ground grains for flour and muffins and pancakes.   our old time favorite, Danika with her beautiful hand spun/hand dyed yarns might also grace us with her pressence tomorrow, we’ll see.  come on down and have some fun!

i think olo is the markets mascot, if it was possible for us to have one.  he is so cute. and he was at every market last year…here he is in my booth on opening night.